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A little bit of history of Lascal

Joran Lundh launched Lascal in Sweden in 1987, naming the brand after deriving the Italian word for "stair," a metaphor for constantly yearning to climb higher. Before that, at the age of 25, he invented and patented a unique staircase; thus, the name was a given. 

Lascal began as a stroller and pram distributor in Sweden and Norway and successfully launched the German top brand Teutonia in Scandinavia. During that time, our clients helped us understand that there was a need for a toddler stand-on platform, which prompted the invention and patenting of the first universal stand-on platform, the KiddyBoard, which ultimately became the BuggyBoard.

Since then, we've released three more product lines and are committed to continuing to create high-quality family goods.

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