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Lascal BuggyBoard® Advantages and Accessories

The Lascal BuggyBoard® offers a range of advantages and accessories to make it a convenient and safe option for families with young children. One of its key features is its patented Lascal Easy-fit™ connection system, allowing it to fit almost any buggy type.

Safety is a top priority for the BuggyBoard®, with features such as a sizeable anti-slip surface, side protection frame, and firm, comfortable platform to keep children securely on board. The board also has big wheels and a comprehensive platform to provide ample foot room and ensure absolute manoeuvrability for the caregiver.

In addition, the BuggyBoard® can be quickly and easily connected and disconnected from the buggy with just one push of a button. It also has reflective paint for high visibility, even at night, and Reflexes on the wheels of the Maxi and Maxi+ models. The Max-COMFORT™ suspension system helps to smooth out bumps and kerbs for a comfortable ride.

A Universal Connector Kit is included with the BuggyBoard® for easy attachment to a buggy and can also be purchased separately for use with a second stroller or pram.

The BuggyBoard® has also been thoroughly tested and approved for safety and quality. We cover the European Standard pr EN1888-4:2016. Every single component is tested to meet the standard for kid’s products according to REACH (EU) and CPSIA (U.S.).

Your products
No items in your shopping cart.
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