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Lascal BuggyBoard®: Origin and Trademark

The word BuggyBoard is a unique term registered by Joran Lundh, founder of Lascal, in 1998. It was used to describe a new version of a product called a ståbräda, which was only sold in Sweden at the time. The new product was different from the ståbräda in that it had universal fittings that could be attached to the uprights of various types of prams and strollers, making it possible to use on a wide range of vehicles.

Lascal was the first company to manufacture and sell the BuggyBoard®, and it quickly became a popular product worldwide. In fact, Lascal was almost the only manufacturer of standing boards from 1999 until 2003, when a few other companies began to produce similar products. Some of these companies have tried to use the name BuggyBoard® to make consumers believe that their products are the real deal.

However, Lascal is the actual creator of the BuggyBoard® and has the sole right to the trademark. This can be seen in the sales figures for the product in the UK, the original images of the BuggyBoard from 1998, and the high number of Google hits for the term, with the majority being related to Lascal.

It's worth noting that the word "buggy" can have many different meanings, and the combination of "buggy" and "board" does not give any indication of the use of the product. In other words, BuggyBoard is a unique and specific trademark belonging to Lascal.

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