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Parenthood and fitness: 10 tips to work out with kids

Parenthood is a full-time job, and finding time to work out can be a challenge. However, it’s possible to maintain an active lifestyle while spending quality time with your children. In this blog post, we’ll explore creative ways to incorporate workouts into your routine while having kids.


1. Family Playtime:

Turn playtime into a workout session. Engage in active games like tag, hide and seek, or a family dance party. These activities not only keep you moving but also provide enjoyable bonding moments with your kids.


2. Stroller Workouts with a twist

Invest in a quality jogging stroller equipped with Lascal’s BuggyBoard. This allows you to take your little one on brisk walks while giving them the option to hop on the BuggyBoard when they need a break. The BuggyBoard offers a safe and comfortable ride for your child, making your workouts enjoyable for both of you. This setup encourages your child to stay active too, as they can switch between walking and riding.


3. Home Workouts:

Create a home workout routine that includes exercises you can do with your kids around. Bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, and planks require minimal equipment and can be done while your child plays nearby.


4. Baby Wearing:

Consider using a baby carrier like Lascal’s m1carrier, which allows you to wear your baby while you work out. With your little one safely strapped to your chest or back, you can do exercises like squats, lunges, or yoga. It’s a great way to bond with your baby while staying active!


5. Playground Workouts:

Take your kids to the playground, and while they play, use the equipment for your own exercises. Swing sets can be excellent for leg lifts, monkey bars for upper body strength, and benches for step-ups.


6. Set a Schedule:

Plan your workouts during your child’s naptime or after they go to bed. This guarantees uninterrupted time for your fitness routine. Consistency is key to seeing results.


7. Join a Parent-Child Fitness Class:

Many fitness centers and community programs offer parent-child fitness classes. These classes often include activities that involve both you and your child, promoting a healthy lifestyle from an early age.


8. Utilize Naptime:

When your child takes a nap, use that time for a quick workout. There are plenty of online workout videos designed for busy parents with short, effective routines.


9. Include Your Child:

As your child grows, include them in your workouts. They can mimic your movements, practice yoga with you, or even do mini-exercises alongside you. It’s a fun way to teach them about the importance of physical activity.


10. Be Flexible:

Some days, your workout might be shorter or less intense than others. That’s okay. Parenting comes with unpredictable schedules, so adjust your fitness routine as needed. Consistency over time is more important than a single intense workout.


Balancing parenthood and fitness is all about finding creative ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily life. By involving your kids in your workouts and making exercise a fun family activity, you can prioritize your health while nurturing your bond with your children. Remember, every bit of movement counts, and small, consistent efforts can lead to significant improvements in your fitness and overall well-being.

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