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Why the KiddyGuard is a Must-Have for Families with Small Kids

When it comes to creating a safe and stylish home environment for your little ones, the KiddyGuard® series by Lascal stands out as an essential addition. Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, the KiddyGuard® Assure™, Accent™, and Avant™ offer innovative solutions for keeping your child safe without compromising on style.

Smart Design

The KiddyGuard® gates are not just safety barriers; they are thoughtfully designed pieces that blend seamlessly into any home decor. Whether you prefer the sleek white or black mesh, your guard elegantly slides onto itself, making it virtually invisible when open. This minimalist design ensures that your living space remains clutter-free and stylish, while still providing the essential safety that your children need.

Functional and Secure

Safety is paramount with the KiddyGuard®. These gates are child-proof when locked in place, ensuring that your curious little ones are kept safe from potential hazards. The unique retractable design also eliminates the tripping hazard commonly associated with traditional child gates, making it a safer choice for everyone in the household.

Adaptable to Any Space

One of the standout features of the KiddyGuard® series is its adaptability. The models can extend up to 120cm in width and are fully adaptable for installation in various areas, including doors, stairways, and walls. This versatility means you can create child-friendly spaces anywhere in your home within moments.

  • Assure™: Simple and effective, this design does not include a housing, making it a streamlined option for any space.
  • Accent™: Features a rounded aluminium housing that adds a touch of elegance to its practical design.
  • Avant™: Ideal for wider openings, this model boasts a square aluminium housing and an advanced locking system for added security.


Easy to Use

Parents will appreciate the user-friendly design of the KiddyGuard® gates. The gates can be easily opened and closed with a single hand, which is particularly handy when you’re juggling other tasks. The quick automatic lock feature ensures that the gate securely locks itself, preventing toddlers from using it as a toy. A visible red mark shows when the gate is unlocked, providing an extra layer of safety assurance.

Transform Your Home with KiddyGuard®

The KiddyGuard® Assure™, Accent™, and Avant™ are more than just safety gates; they are a stylish, practical solution for modern families. By integrating seamlessly into your home’s design and providing unmatched functionality, these gates allow you to create a safe environment for your children without sacrificing aesthetics.

For parents seeking the perfect balance of style and safety, the KiddyGuard® is an indispensable addition to any home. Explore the range of KiddyGuard® products and discover how they can enhance your family’s living space while keeping your little ones safe.

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