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Saddle for BuggyBoard® Maxi

For BuggyBoard Maxi

Available as an accessory from the 2011 Buggyboard® Maxi models, the Saddle™ can be fixed fuss-free with a specially designed easy-fit clamp. Simply attach to your Buggyboard® Maxi, and you’ll have a ready-made seat for your child. It can be folded down with ease when they prefer to stand.

Easily folded away

At any time, if your toddler prefers to stand rather than sit, the Saddle™ simply folds down and out of the way, without needing to be removed.

BuggyBoard Saddle

Saddle colours

The Saddle for BuggyBoard® Maxi is available in three colours.
(N.B. Colours and patterns may vary in each country.)

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