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The Innovative Journey of Lascal: Pioneering Child Mobility Solutions

Founded in Sweden in 1987 by Joran Lundh, Lascal started with a vision deeply rooted in innovation and upward mobility, symbolized by the Italian word for "stair," from which its name was inspired. At just 25, Lundh had already invented and patented a unique staircase, setting the stage for the brand's future in enhancing family mobility solutions.

Originally a distributor of strollers and prams in Sweden and Norway, Lascal played a pivotal role in introducing the German top brand Teutonia to the Scandinavian market. It was during this period that Lascal's deep connection with its clients led to a groundbreaking realization: the need for a toddler stand-on platform. This insight gave birth to the KiddyBoard, marking the world's first patented universal stand-on platform, which later evolved into the renowned BuggyBoard.

Today, Lascal has expanded its product lines to include three additional ranges, all while maintaining its commitment to high-quality family goods. As Lascal continues to innovate and grow, it remains dedicated to supporting families worldwide with practical and safe mobility solutions.

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