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Why your toddler will love our BuggyBoard

If you have a toddler who loves to explore and be on the move, our BuggyBoard is the perfect companion for your family adventures. Designed with little ones in mind, the BuggyBoard offers a range of features that will make it a favorite for your toddler.

The BuggyBoard provides an exciting and enjoyable ride for your toddler. They can stand securely on the platform and hold onto the stroller handles while you push. It’s like having their own personal ride-along board, making every outing an adventure.

Toddlers often want to assert their independence and feel like big kids. The BuggyBoard allows them to do just that. They will feel a sense of accomplishment as they stand on the board and “help” you navigate through the streets or stores, just like the grown-ups.

With the BuggyBoard, your toddler remains close to you throughout the journey. They can stand between the stroller handles, keeping them within your reach and ensuring a sense of security. This proximity fosters bonding and allows you to engage with your child while on the move.

Being on the BuggyBoard gives your toddler a unique vantage point. They can observe the world around them from a different perspective. Whether it’s watching people passing by, enjoying the scenery, or pointing out interesting things, the BuggyBoard enhances their curiosity and encourages interaction with their surroundings.

The BuggyBoard offers seamless transitions for your toddler. When they feel tired or need a break from walking, they can simply hop on the board and continue the journey without missing a beat. No more carrying or coaxing them to keep up – the BuggyBoard makes walks smooth and effortless.

With its fun ride, sense of independence, closeness to you, opportunities for observation, and easy transitions, the BuggyBoard is sure to capture your toddler’s heart. It’s an accessory that brings joy, convenience, and excitement to your outings together. Lascal offers a range of BuggyBoard models and variations to suit different strollers and prams, from the BuggyBoard Mini to the BuggyBoard Maxi+, you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs. Explore our blog for more information on each model and how to choose the right one for your stroller.

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