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Enhancing Family Outings: The Versatile and Safe Lascal BuggyBoard®

The Lascal BuggyBoard® is designed to enhance the mobility of families with young children, offering a wealth of benefits and accessories that make it a top choice for convenience and safety. Central to its design is the patented Lascal Easy-fit™ connection system, which ensures compatibility with nearly any stroller type.

Safety is paramount with the BuggyBoard®, which is equipped with a large anti-slip surface, a side protection frame, and a sturdy, comfortable platform that securely holds children in place. The board features large wheels and an expansive platform, providing plenty of foot space and ensuring smooth maneuverability for the caregiver.

The BuggyBoard® is not only easy to attach and detach with its one-push button connectivity but also includes safety enhancements like reflective paint for increased visibility at night and wheel reflectors on the Maxi and Maxi+ models. The Max-COMFORT™ suspension system on these models helps to absorb bumps, offering a smoother ride over kerbs and rough surfaces.

Each BuggyBoard® comes with a Universal Connector Kit, making it easy to fit onto different strollers or prams, and additional kits are available for families needing to switch the board between multiple buggies.

Thoroughly tested and certified, the BuggyBoard® meets the rigorous standards of the European Standard pr EN1888-4:2016, ensuring it adheres to the highest safety and quality requirements. All components are also tested to comply with REACH (EU) and CPSIA (U.S.) standards, confirming its safety for children’s use.

Your products
No items in your shopping cart.
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